Storage and Asset Management


While owning a high-end automobile is generally an amazing experience, dealing with the “extras” that come with it may not be.


What if you aren’t in the area for months on end, and need a safe place to keep your car?  What if you don’t have the time to take it in for service, keep it clean, or install those modifications you’ve had your eye on? What if you’re experiencing an issue you don’t know how to correct?


With the Reimel Motorcars Asset Management Program, we offer a suite of services performed by local providers who are at the pinnacle of their craft.


Below is a list of our most popular services, however, if you are in need of something else, give us a call and we’ll be happy to facilitate:

– Long-Term Storage

– Detailing, ceramic coating, paint correction

– Paintless dent removal & other cosmetic repairs

– Service intervals

– Window tinting

– Radar detector installation

– Vehicle tuning & modification programs